3 Most Reliable Trucks on the Market

Ford F150
Possibly the most popular truck sold for the past several years, it is little wonder that the Ford F-150 is one of the most reliable trucks available. With optional regular-, extended- and crew-cab styles, the F-150 ranges from 202 horsepower to 411 horsepower engines in both manual and automatic transmissions. When properly equipped, the F-150 is able to haul 3,120 and tow as much as 11,300 pounds. It is the impressive, well-tested mechanics of this truck that has made it the best-selling and dependable vehicle that the F-150 continues to be, even in a variety of trim options.

Chevy Avalanche
Part truck and part SUV, the Chevy Avalanche scores points for being able to haul both people and cargo. With seating for up to six people, the Avalanche uses its trailer sway control and hill-start assist technology to pull trailers and other attachments. For greater interior cargo space, the Avalanche’s rear cab wall can be removed to allow cargo to extend into the passenger cabin. This extension is known as the midgate for the vehicle. The Avalanche is rated to carry up to 1,231 pounds within the vehicle or to tow up to 8,000 pounds, and it reliably does this with its four-wheel drive and over 300 horsepower engine.

GMC Sierra
With a variety of versions and trim packages, the GMC Sierra is a full-size pickup truck with trailer sway control, hill-start assist and options for heated seats and reversing cameras. The Sierra can be found with regular-, extended- and crew-cab options, as well as 2- or 4-wheel drive. In addition, the Sierra spans a more modest 195 horsepower to 403 horsepower engine, allowing the truck to tow up to 10,700 pounds and carry 2,000 pounds. The flex-fuel capability and Active Fuel Management system makes the GMC Sierra a favorite for its fuel economy and high EPA ratings for both city and highway driving.